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Care Homes

We are specialists in Dementia and RNIB design, following the guidelines of Stirling University and the RNIB. With an ever increasing elderly population we help you future proof your designs. Ensuring that your buildings are accessible and comfortable for all to not only enjoy today but for many years to come. Lighting, tonal colour contrast as well as the measurements of all surface LRV’s, are vital areas of consideration. “Dementia Prepared” Our work extends from the private market into the public sector. So if you’re looking for cutting edge designs, we are here to help. We create stunningly designed spaces which are fit for purpose and have a positive impact on the people using them.

Bucklow Manor

Newton Hall

Newton Hall

A beautiful old building brought back to grandeur.

A beautiful old building brought back to life and grandeur. A complete refurbishment of all communal spaces.

Maintaining the elegant proportions of the rooms at the same time enhancing the amount of light.  Beautiful fabrics and statement curtains, create a modern twist.

This home specialises in Dementia and has a couple of blind residents so making sure that all the surfaces contrasted to ensure that the spaces are fit for purpose was paramount.